The Chris Aguilar, real estate investor

I always knew I was going to be successful. It was just a matter of time. -Chris Aguilar


Chris Aguilar started with zero dollars and became a multi-millionaire in less than five years.  Graduating from SDSU in 2005,  Chris  was operations director of one of the biggest developing companies in the U.S in his early 20s.  
Throughout the years, Chris has several state licenses and passed an engineering exam with the state of California.  He has developed over 2.5 million square feet of real estate, flipped over 150 homes, and manages over 40 million dollars in real estate assets.
Serving God with excellence and teaching others is his passion.  He understands how it feels to be the underdog but Chris sees business is sport and it’s his favorite! As he says: I exist to change the world breaking poverty mentalities one person at a time.
Chris is an applied speaker, author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and developer.